Why should Bangladeshi People Raise their voices against the commercialization of Genetically Modified Brinjal in Bangladesh: To know more details have a look into the link:

Can Genetically Modified (GM) Food Be Bad for Our Health?.


Sundarbans,The World Heritage Site Of Bangladesh Is Under Warning Of Water Salinity

Climate change is a real threat  to ecosystem and bio-diversity of the Sundarban. Increasing temperature and rising of sea level will also seriously affect the Sundarbans’ ecosystem and biodiversity. Due to a combination of high evapotranspiration and low flow in winter, the salinity rate of the soil would increase gradually. As a result the growth of freshwater loving species would be severely affected. A study found that total tree cover in 2010 decreased by about 3% from that of 1989. The changes in the tree composition have been attributed to increased salinity. To Read more Please visit: http://goo.gl/9xnwn