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Rape itself is not only a crime. Rape is a state of mind which insists a hyper sexually disordered person (a rapist) for having or creating or fantasizing Sexual attack to the opposite sex, maybe also to the same-sex. A rapist or a hyper sexually disordered person can live in several forms among us and this category of forms would divide by according to their ways of addiction onto biological sex.


The sexual assaulted techniques or fantasies in biological sex do not create in a day, as because this is fully a psychological imbalance of a person’s mind about the sexual intercourse or sexual arousal. So it can be said that those thoughts of sexual arousal techniques are developed mostly from the adolescent stage of a person, in some cases, they could develop from the mid-age stage of the lifespan.

In the following, there has been documented a type of sexually disordered persons living around us, those who would be a future threat to our society. It is very much important to identify those characteristic hyper-sexually disordered persons or youngsters for providing them the treatment. They badly need psychological counseling. The mind can not conduct with the force of laws as it is a spiritual entity gifted by nature.


Types of sexual disorders’ or category of hyper sexually disordered person:
1. Exhibitionism: Exposing genitals to an unsuspecting stranger.
A man with exhibitionism typically gets an erection and may masturbate while exposing himself. Men with this disorder commonly report that they don’t intend to frighten or shock strangers, but hope that strangers will enjoy or be aroused by seeing their genitals.
2. Voyeurism: Observing an unsuspecting person who is disrobing or having sex.
It is characterized by sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors that involve observing someone who is in the process of undressing, is nude, or is engaged in sexual activity. The person being watched has neither consented to nor is aware of being observed. The voyeur rarely has physical contact with the observed person. Moreover, voyeurism is distinguished from looking at pornography or watching nude dancing; voyeurism involves observing someone who does not know that he or she is being observed. A man with this disorder might use binoculars to “spy” on a woman, masturbating while observing her through her window as she undresses, or might plant hidden cameras and watch the video later or via an Internet feed.
3. Frotteurism: Touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person.
This diagnosis has two types: men who like to rub, and men who like to touch (touchers). On crowded public transportation, men with frotteurism try to stand or sit next to attractive females and rub their genitals against the victims’ buttocks, thighs, or crotch, often while fantasizing that they are having consensual sex. When discovered, men with frotteurism flee from the train or bus.
4. Pedophilia: Sexual activity with a prepubescent child.
Child sexual abuse is a crime. the person with pedophilia must be at least 16 years old, and at least 5 years older than the child. Thus, someone is diagnosed with pedophilia if he has had sexual activity with a child (and so would also be considered a child molester) or if he has sexual fantasies about or urges to do so and these impulses significantly impair his relationships or cause distress. Someone with pedophilia may or may not sexually molest children; a child molester may or may not be diagnosed with pedophilia, depending on the duration of the related fantasies, urges, or behaviors.
5. Fetishism: Using a nonliving object to become aroused.
A single, 32-year-old male free-lance photographer presented with the chief complaint of “abnormal sex drive.” The patient related that although he was somewhat sexually attracted by women, he was far more attracted by “their panties”. His first ejaculation occurred at 12 via masturbation to fantasies of women wearing panties. He masturbated into his older sister’s panties, which he had stolen without her knowledge. Subsequently, he stole panties from her friends and other women he met socially. He found pretexts to “wander” into bedrooms of women during social occasions, and would quickly rummage through their possessions until he found a pair of panties to his satisfaction. He later used these to masturbate into and then “saved them” in a “private cache.” The pattern of masturbating into women’s underwear had been his preferred method of achieving sexual excitement and orgasm from adolescence.
Reference: Robin S. Rosenberg and Stephen M. Kosslyn “Abnormal Psychology”